SOTM2009 Countdown Dashboard Widget

[For the Mac OS X users, who are going to this year’s State of the Map] I have updated the Dashboard widget I created last year for this years conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I’ve added a donate button on the back that takes you to Dashboard Widget 163KB zip Project Source Code 880KB zip

Device Removal

I don’t touch anything, and my slow first generation MacBook will randomly come up with the above message. Maybe an uptime of 13 days is the cause?  It is about time I rebooted into Kubuntu to get some updated maps on to my phone for TMJ. There has some considerable improvements in the maps in… Continue reading Device Removal

OOO: Possible fix for the command timed out error on Leopard

UPDATE:Thanks to Eric Bachard, a fix very similar to this will be appearing in 2.4.2 due to be released at the end of October 2008. — With a change in the way that X11 works on Leopard, the X11 version of has been giving an error message on startup saying “command timed out”.… Continue reading OOO: Possible fix for the command timed out error on Leopard 2.4 on Mac OS X [Update: now available]

The release of 2.4 (X11 version) is a little behind the other platforms due to a lack of resources in the QA process, as many of the resources have been placed on the upcoming aqua version. It will be another few days to week before they are available on the mirrors and the Mac… Continue reading 2.4 on Mac OS X [Update: now available]

iLife Browser in Leopard’s open dialogs

In Leopard, if the developer allows certain types of file to be opened, then you get a free iLife browser in the file open dialog. This applies to aqua on Leopard too. As the X11 version of doesn’t have a native filepicker, this won’t be available there. Find a screenshot below.   Those… Continue reading iLife Browser in Leopard’s open dialogs on Mac OS X Leopard

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard was launched by Apple Inc. about one month ago., with the exception of the Java features will work on Leopard. If you require the Java features of on Leopard, you require to use milestone m237 or later.  The problem essentially boils down to the way that detects Java,… Continue reading on Mac OS X Leopard