Can launch PPC apps again

Since installing the Quicktime 7.2 and iTunes 7.3.1 updates on my MacBook, I’ve been unable to launch PPC applications through Rosetta. It appears that having Java 6 installed has caused the prebinding process to crash. Following the process documented in a comment by Darlene on a blog, I’ve been able to launch PPC applications through… Continue reading Can launch PPC apps again

Apple posts an FAQ about the X11 for Mac OS X

Apple have released Technical Note TN2165, an FAQ about the X window environment (X11) for Mac OS X. There are several interesting things in the tech note including: “OpenGL does not support off-screen rendering.” Even with OpenGL not being enabled in, I get redraw issues with part of the window being off screen. This… Continue reading Apple posts an FAQ about the X11 for Mac OS X now works again with X11 1.1.3

With the newly released X11 update from Apple, which fixes the font problems, no longer has an issue with starting. All users on the Mac should update to the latest version of X11, to fix any issues that they have with X11.

Apple’s X11 update

Apple released an X11 update on 1 November 2006. It fixes a but that I commented about, regarding the cmd+tab and the X11 windows not coming forward. On the other hand there appears to be an issue with the fonts in that build. This seems to affect the current official release of on the… Continue reading Apple’s X11 update