Device Removal

I don’t touch anything, and my slow first generation MacBook will randomly come up with the above message. Maybe an uptime of 13 days is the cause? 
It is about time I rebooted into Kubuntu to get some updated maps on to my phone for TMJ. There has some considerable improvements in the maps in Edinburgh, and I don’t know what actually needs to be mapped when I’m out in the field.


  1. Its more likely though that (one of) your USB cable(s) is loose or bad (I never seen this error from a firewire device but I suppose it could happen on those too). Bad Firewire cable have bigger problems (like locking the system up because the root device is on the chain.)

  2. Yes, I’ve seen that one, and on my FireWire external drive. The connectors are not mating completely and in my case I have a very stiff cable, so when I move the drive slightly, it gets disconnected.

  3. Changing the USB cable seems to have reduced likelihood of the problem occurring. Thanks for the tips.

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