on Mac OS X Leopard

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard was launched by Apple Inc. about one month ago., with the exception of the Java features will work on Leopard. If you require the Java features of on Leopard, you require to use milestone m237 or later. 
The problem essentially boils down to the way that detects Java, and the fact that “Apple Computer Inc.” is NOT the same as “Apple Inc.”. (There are a few other build issues too.)
Thanks should go to Florian, Philip and Eric Bachard for their work on this issue.


  1. Try It works without X11, with Leopard, and the UI is actually a bit friendlier than Open Office. OpenOffice won’t have a native Leopard app available until next Fall (2008), apparently.


  2. dreadpal:
    That is for a fully stable version of Aqua. 2.4 will work in Leopard fully. However only a X11 stable will be released. We are quietly producing builds of the Aqua version of Many people are now finding them stable enough to use in daily work, even with lots of bugs.

    I’m sure some users will be happy with NeoOffice for the time being, however I’m happy to work with a slightly buggy app.

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