New Aqua Development Release

Head over to the Mac Porting web site for the latest development build.

This is the most stable build of running natively on Mac OS X that I have seen. I haven’t yet had a crash with my basic usage. Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5 is required.
The improvements include:
  • Printing now uses an aqua native print dialog
  • Various bugs, crashes, performance, and cosmetic improvements
  • The native file picker should work now (though there are 2 unlabeled checkboxes)
  • The QuickStarter is now supported on Mac OS X
  • Copy and Paste now works in the Hyperlink dialog
  • Icons are no longer shown in the menus by default on Mac OS X
  • Extentions can now be installed through the GUI
  • Improved scrolling when using a scroll wheel
  • Real version number is shown in the Mac OS X Finder’s Get Info Window.
  • The recent items list in the Apple menu is now populated
  • Faster loading and saving of files
  • New Start Centre
The downloads are on the extended mirror network, and BitTorrent. Please don’tdirectly link to any of the mirrors, please link to the Aqua download page instead. 2.4 (X11), is currently in testing. 3.0 will be Aqua only.


  1. Hi.
    I’m using NeoOffice and looking forward to Aqua-native OOo 3.0.

    But I have a question.
    Do you mean OOo 3.0 will be available in Aqua only? So, by the time 3.0 is released, development of OOo in X11 will be discontinued?

  2. 3.0 will be available in Aqua only.

    At the moment there is only build breaker or bug fixing for 2.4.x for the X11 version. All our development resources are aimed at the aqua version.

    Yes the X11 version will be discontinued. Old versions will still be available to download. For example, you can still download 1.1.3 for Jaguar, though you need to try and find a version of X11 to use.

  3. Hi,

    I just downloaded the PPC version on a Powerbook G4 12″ 1.5 Ghz, and it crashed – won’t even open a blank text file. Not very stable – although the previous aqua builds for 2.4 were running fine.

    Still doesn’t look very Mac-like…

    Good effort – I’ll be watching in anticipation.


  4. Keep the good work. Aqua version is better than X11, loads faster and runs very good (to be a Beta) ;D

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