Referral links

I am providing referral links to services that I use. I’m providing a brief description of the service and the referral bonus. Offers may change from time to time. Most of the these services will be UK based.

Abel and Cole: Fruit and veg box delivery among many other groceries. Offer varies. Currently £20 each.

Backblaze: Unlimited backup for a fixed monthly fee per computer. We both get a free month of Backblaze.

Bulb: Renewable energy provider. We both get £50 after your energy switch is complete.

Nutmeg: Robo investor. You get no Nutmeg management fees for 6 months, and I’ll get £100.

PickMyPostcode: Free lottery funded by advertising based on a postcode of your choosing. I get a small bonus of up to £1 if you stay signup and stay an active member. You can collect up to 3p bonus per day for checking the site if you win. The bonus is added to each win.

Ratesetter: peer to peer loans/savings. If you invest £1000 for 1 year you’ll get £100 bonus. I’ll get £50.

Zevvle: A new pay as you go mobile phone network who are aiming to specialise in customer service and everyone paying the same based on usage. They are allocating shares as part of their referral program. 1 sign-up = 1 share.

Zopa: peer to peer loans/savings. If you invest over £2000 we’ll both get £50 after 40 of the offer conditions being met.