BBC’s iPlayer now compatible with Mac OS X

After reading a macnn article. I have now found out that the BBC’s Player is now supported on Mac OS X. It is great that I can now watch BBC content from within Safari. The player only has a short buffer, though you can jump to any part of the video and it will start playing from there with very little delay. You have to remember that I have an internet connection of about 7Mbit downstream and around 0.8Mbit upstream. Therefore I don’t know how people on slower connections will manage.

Some video items come up with:
” is not available to play here.”
with no explanation as to why. Maybe some videos are not updated to the adobe flash video type.
Now I’d like to get an improvement to Space, that will allow me to make a window in any application to be front most and move between space as required. That way when I’m playing a video the window will always show. Another problem that I have found with spaces is that when switching apps with command+tab or clicking the icon in the dock, a random window usually comes forward.

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