I currently live in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK and work for ITO World as a developer on various OpenStreetMap related things. I’m involved with various cycling and campaigning projects in my spare time.

I am the maintainer of Blogs.OpenStreetMap.org, send suggestions via a message using the OpenStreetMap messaging system.

Prior to June 2012 I used to live in South East London and work for Headshift, who were rebranded to Dachis Group. I was born and bred in Edinburgh. I do quite a bit of mapping of random places for OpenStreetMap in my spare time. When I lived and worked in London I had a daily 8 mile commute each way.

I used to work for CloudMade as a developer, until I was made redundant in November 2009.  I’m not looking for a new job, you can see my CV.

Before I came across OpenStreetMap I used to do various things in OpenOffice.org particularly related to the porting to the Mac OS X platform.


  1. Hi Shaun,

    I’m working on a documentary of the Two Tunnels Greenway in Bath, and I came across your excellent video on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54yc1jZPAQI&list=UUtajAIYWNqBoEl6Q85fLhJA&index=21) featuring Mark Annand, our Secretary. We’re looking for historical footage of the route whilst under construction, and this is a great little interview you did with Mark – I wondered if we could have your permission to use the footage in our documentary? Essentially it’s about getting the Two Tunnels Route opened, and encouraging people around the UK to get involved in similar projects.

    Hope you can help us! Cheers.

    1. Hi Lindsay,

      I’ve sent you an email, I’m happy for you to use it as long as I get credited. I can get you the high quality version rather than YouTube’s lower quality one.

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