OOOCON2007 Presentations

If any presenters do not currently have their presentation available on the programme pages, then please send your presentation to We would like to have both an OpenDocument Impress presentation and a PDF generated from it. If you would like to update your presentation, please send it to the above address, also stating that… Continue reading OOOCON2007 Presentations

Stats for the download bouncer

Many of the national language teams will be happy with the following announcement. There are now Download Statistics being produced for the downloads from the bouncer. The stats are generated once daily around 08:05 UTC. Inside the stats folder you will find a series of folders with dates as their name. Inside each of… Continue reading Stats for the download bouncer

Spaces around colons

Today I discovered why it is that the French have been placing a space in front of colons (:), and it has been driving me mad.  In English it is usually seen as being wrong to place a space before a colon. However according to Lars Aronsson on the lingu-dev mailing list, it is normal… Continue reading Spaces around colons

UK Government gives response to OpenDocument online petition

The UK (Westminster) Government has given a response to the petition on a petition calling on the UK Government to use the OpenDocument format for the storage of documents.Read the UK Government’s response to the OpenDocument Petition It seems that they are making no firm commitment to use the OpenDocument format, though are continually reviewing… Continue reading UK Government gives response to OpenDocument online petition