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OpenOffice Aqua picked up wrong

It would appear that many news organisations have picked up on the OpenOffice Aqua news wrongly. OpenOffice are only going to preview the latest Aqua build at the OpenOffice conference and Apple Expo in Paris, next month.

Pages that have picked up on the story and claim that the OpenOffice Mac Porting Team are going to release an Aqua version of OpenOffice next month include:

Well you never know a miracle may occur and that will happen, though the current estimate is 6-12 months for a final version of OpenOffice in Aqua to be release by the Mac Porting Team.

OpenOffice Aqua is coming along nicely

I’ve been playing around with one of Eric Bachard’s recent Intel OpenOffice Aqua builds. Although it crashes a lot, it does work to some degree.

The crash reporter has a crashing bug in it so I had to disable it using the startup switch -norestore.

Eric had said to me not to run the registration wizard by using the startup switch -nofirststartwizard. However, it worked every time for me, apart from being slow.

There are also two environment variables that need to be set to be able to use the native menus or widgets. These are:



It won’t be until early 2007 that we there will be an alpha build available of OpenOffice running on the Mac without X11. Until then, you have OpenOffice running within X11. It is available to download from

Updated Mac Website plan

Please look at slides 11 – 13, as these contain all the changes.

Primarily, I have added what I think should be in the user and developer sections of the mac porting web site.

To see the current draft please look at

Is it any wonder people go about pirating MS product? Their licensing is so complicated I just take one look and run away, it’s that complicated. Now there putting anti-piracy software into their MS-products. One week later and OpenOffice is starting a switch campaign. I have also added the logo to my blog. is 5 Today

Today, 13 October 2005 is OpenOffice’s fifth birthday today. The project has come a long way in the past five years, with the imminent release of version two, which is currently in release candidate stage.
I’m currently using Eric B’s latest build for Mac OS X, which is the best build I have seen so far!
Excellent Work keep it up team!