Google Maps has new “Avoid Highways” option

Google Maps now has a great route planning feature called “avoid highways”. This produces routes that don’t go on to motorways and some trunk routes, such as the Edinburgh City Bypass, where cyclists are not allowed. It still isn’t perfect for cyclists as it doesn’t allow for someroads that cyclists are not allowed on. However… Continue reading Google Maps has new “Avoid Highways” option

Someone has a sense of humour at Google Maps

I thought I would checkout how I would get from Edinburgh to the WWDC in San Francisco. Head over to Google Maps, and search from Edinburgh to San Francisco. Take a look at item 41, which is 3,462 miles long. (Is anyone up for the swim?)

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Blogger Beta

For those who read this blog, you will notice that it has changed a little. That’s because I now have the new Blogger Beta, which is much better. I’ll slowly be going through some of my older posts to add some labels to them, so it will be easier to find info.

The all new Google News Archive Search

The new Google Archive Search is a great tool, with even more potential. The timeline feature is really neat, though could be more customisable. For example being able to show more articles on one page. Here’s and example search for all articles related to Mac OpenOffice in timeline form.

Google Labs

It would appear from the Google Labs that Google SMS (UK) has graduated from the labs. It used to work. But doesn’t any more! All you get now is a message which says “Google SMS is currently not available in the UK. The service is still in beta, and we’re working hard to make it… Continue reading Google Labs

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web quotes in Safari UK

It’s nice to see some more features filtering through to the localisedversions of Google Mail! Today I noticed web quotes at the top of themail browser. 🙂

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