ooocon2007: Presentations

All the presentation slides for this years conference that have been submitted to have been made available on the conference web pages. There is still about 12 presentations where the slides still have not been submitted for. Frank Peters has made a list of the missing presentations. Can all presenters please send them to… Continue reading ooocon2007: Presentations

UK Government gives response to OpenDocument online petition

The UK (Westminster) Government has given a response to the petition on a petition calling on the UK Government to use the OpenDocument format for the storage of documents.Read the UK Government’s response to the OpenDocument Petition It seems that they are making no firm commitment to use the OpenDocument format, though are continually reviewing… Continue reading UK Government gives response to OpenDocument online petition

Google Spreadsheet doesn’t support OpenDocument

It would appear that Google spreadsheet beta doesn’t support the OpenDocument format for spreadsheets. It kinda surprises me with some of the things that have been going on in the corporate world. See more about Google spreadsheet at