Can launch PPC apps again

Since installing the Quicktime 7.2 and iTunes 7.3.1 updates on my MacBook, I’ve been unable to launch PPC applications through Rosetta. It appears that having Java 6 installed has caused the prebinding process to crash. Following the process documented in a comment by Darlene on a blog, I’ve been able to launch PPC applications through… Continue reading Can launch PPC apps again

Blogger Labels Cloud

I’ve been wondering for a while now, how to change my long list of labels in the sidebar to a cloud, which would take up a lot less space. I’ve finally found out how to have a label cloud in blogger.

Some people thought that I done a lot of cycling?

Many people have commented on the various day cycling trips that I’ve taken. However yesterday when shopping, I found someone who has been doing a lot more cycling than myself. He took the train from Cambridge up to Inverness. Then he started cycling and camping rough. That was two months ago.  He was taking everything… Continue reading Some people thought that I done a lot of cycling?