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Cycling: Bike off the road again

Seems that when I did my last bike repair a month ago, I didn’t tighten the bolts that hold the cogs on properly. So the chain ring has managed to fatigue and break quite¬†spectacularly. Luckily I was just setting of from some lights within walking distance from home, so it wasn’t too bad.

Unfortunately¬†to get a new one specifically for internal gears, which use a stronger, wider chain, is seen to be a specialist part by the bike shops I’ve been to so far in Edinburgh. This means that you need some thicker cogs. This means that it takes about a week to get specially ordered in, and means pushing my bike into the city centre to make sure I get the right bit ordered.

Yay I can now use Apple Spell check in Safari when writing blog posts, and it works.

Blogger now auto saves when writing blog posts

Google have now added a long needed feature to Blogger Blog post creation. This is auto saving of Blog Posts, which is done pretty much the same way as Google Mail.

This is much better than the old way of saving drafts of blog posts, which meant that on saving the draft you had to go back to the list of blog posts each time you saved. This was painful productivity hindrance.

Blogger Beta

For those who read this blog, you will notice that it has changed a little. That’s because I now have the new Blogger Beta, which is much better. I’ll slowly be going through some of my older posts to add some labels to them, so it will be easier to find info.