Can launch PPC apps again

Since installing the Quicktime 7.2 and iTunes 7.3.1 updates on my MacBook, I’ve been unable to launch PPC applications through Rosetta. It appears that having Java 6 installed has caused the prebinding process to crash. Following the process documented in a comment by Darlene on a blog, I’ve been able to launch PPC applications through… Continue reading Can launch PPC apps again 2.2 to Require Java 5 too

It looks like Java 5 and the latest software updates will be required if you want to use the next version of (2.2) on Mac OS X. For more information please read a post to the users list by James Mckenzie.

Java Help

In trying to create JavaHelp Documentation, I have found that the following software to be useful. It is a new Open Source project available on sourceforge, that looks like it has a lot of potential.