2.2 to Require Java 5 too

It looks like Java 5 and the latest software updates will be required if you want to use the next version of (2.2) on Mac OS X. For more information please read a post to the users list by James Mckenzie.

Frappr works on the Mac again

For a while it has been impossible to upload photos to Frappr maps using Mac OS X. The Frappr team have recently got it sorted out, so I can now add my updated photo the the current Mac OS X Porting Developers map.

New Mac PPC Buildbot

There are now 3 Mac buildbots available for testing builds of The latest addition is by audionuma (or in real life known as Manuel Naudin) from Paris, France, who has donated the processor time of his PPC Mac. He gave a short introduction about himself at yesterday’s Mac Port Meeting. His bot has the… Continue reading New Mac PPC Buildbot

Record Number of Locales Passed QA for 2.1 on the Mac

At this writing there are currently 3 locales passed QA and available to download, for 2.1 Mac OS X Intel and 5 for the PPC Macs. That gives a total of 6 unique locales that have been passed QA on both the PPC and Intel Mac platforms for 2.1. This is a record.… Continue reading Record Number of Locales Passed QA for 2.1 on the Mac

Support for Mac OS X 10.3 to be dropped after 2.1

As was discussed in tonight’s Mac Port Meeting for, the Mac Porting Team will be dropping support for Mac OS X 10.3.x after the release of 2.1. The reasons for the dropping of support of Mac OS X 10.3 include: Around the time 2.2 is due out, Mac OS X 10.5 will… Continue reading Support for Mac OS X 10.3 to be dropped after 2.1

Updated OpenOffice Mac Download Pages

Ahead of the conference, I have just released the new download pages for (X11) on the Mac. They are now much simpler than before. The download is now available at The old download pages (except the legacy download for 1.1.2) redirect to the new pages. Part of this is the fact that… Continue reading Updated OpenOffice Mac Download Pages

The all new Google News Archive Search

The new Google Archive Search is a great tool, with even more potential. The timeline feature is really neat, though could be more customisable. For example being able to show more articles on one page. Here’s and example search for all articles related to Mac OpenOffice in timeline form.