Record Number of Locales Passed QA for 2.1 on the Mac

At this writing there are currently 3 locales passed QA and available to download, for 2.1 Mac OS X Intel and 5 for the PPC Macs. That gives a total of 6 unique locales that have been passed QA on both the PPC and Intel Mac platforms for 2.1. This is a record. Previously only English, German and French were put through their paces to check their functionality and links posted on the Mac Download pages. With the help of QATrack I’m able to find out which locales are being tested, and if they have been distributed to the mirrors.
There are still more currently being tested.
Download OpenOffice for the Mac


  1. I have a power mac G4 with Mac OsX 10.2.8. I can’t find openoffice for my OS, I think should be OpenOffice 1.1.2. Where can I download this version?

    Thank You

  2. Alessio,

    If you follow the links for the Download of X11, then Mac OS X 10.2, you will be taken to a page that has the links to the English version of 1.1.2. There is one problem however! And that is getting ahold of X11. It would appear to be no longer possible to download X11 from Apple for Mac OS X 10.2.

    It would be best to try and use XDarwin. You can get it over at

    Please let me know how you get on with the installation of XDarwin.

  3. I just wanted to visit and say thanks for visiting and commenting about my premature (August?) enthusiasm for OSX

    I’m still enthused, still excited, and I wish I could do something to help!

    Anyway, take care!

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