New Mac PPC Buildbot

There are now 3 Mac buildbots available for testing builds of The latest addition is by audionuma (or in real life known as Manuel Naudin) from Paris, France, who has donated the processor time of his PPC Mac. He gave a short introduction about himself at yesterday’s Mac Port Meeting. His bot has the… Continue reading New Mac PPC Buildbot

Buildbot has moved

The Mac buildbots have moved to a new build master, which should prevent the build master running out of space as has happened on a few occasions on the old build master. They are now located on the build master

Mac buildbot setup

I now have a working buildbot that takes about 8 hours to do a full compile. Of course I forgot to check the option to upload the install set to the build master, so here I go and run the build again. Hopefully future compiles will take less time since I have installed ccache prior… Continue reading Mac buildbot setup