Cycling: Bike Repairs

Today, I was intending to cycle from Edinburgh to Berwick-upon-Tweed and back. Unfortunately on leaving the lights a Regent Road to head down on to London road, my gears started making a grinding noise. Gears 5-8 all made a horrible noise. Luckily I still had gears 1-4, though unfortunately I had a top speed of… Continue reading Cycling: Bike Repairs

Some people thought that I done a lot of cycling?

Many people have commented on the various day cycling trips that I’ve taken. However yesterday when shopping, I found someone who has been doing a lot more cycling than myself. He took the train from Cambridge up to Inverness. Then he started cycling and camping rough. That was two months ago.  He was taking everything… Continue reading Some people thought that I done a lot of cycling?

Cycling: Edinburgh to Dunbar

On Wednesday I cycled about 36 miles from Edinburgh to Dunbar in just over 2 hours. The tail wind and my significant amount of recent cycling helped with the short duration. I lazily took the train back. From 20070523Edinb… From 20070523Edinb… Map of ride (no track points between Dunbar station and Edinburgh Waverley station).