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Cycling: Bike off the road again

Seems that when I did my last bike repair a month ago, I didn’t tighten the bolts that hold the cogs on properly. So the chain ring has managed to fatigue and break quite spectacularly. Luckily I was just setting of from some lights within walking distance from home, so it wasn’t too bad.

Unfortunately to get a new one specifically for internal gears, which use a stronger, wider chain, is seen to be a specialist part by the bike shops I’ve been to so far in Edinburgh. This means that you need some thicker cogs. This means that it takes about a week to get specially ordered in, and means pushing my bike into the city centre to make sure I get the right bit ordered.

Yay I can now use Apple Spell check in Safari when writing blog posts, and it works.

Cycling: Back on the Road

Today my dad came round and helped me to clean and re-grease my rear hub gears. Now the bike is running a lot better. Almost as though it’s now.

However I still need to replace the cogs and chain some time soon, before they wear out completely. As I have internal gears, I can get away with wearing away the cogs for a lot longer compared to other external derailleur gears.
Hopefully I won’t need to take it apart for the next 6 months to a year to do another re-grease.

Cycling: Bike Repairs

Today, I was intending to cycle from Edinburgh to Berwick-upon-Tweed and back. Unfortunately on leaving the lights a Regent Road to head down on to London road, my gears started making a grinding noise.

Gears 5-8 all made a horrible noise. Luckily I still had gears 1-4, though unfortunately I had a top speed of only about 15 miles per hour, which is way too slow when on the road. I cycled down to Halfords at Seafield to see if they could see what the problem was. One of the guys at the BikeHut took a look and said that I could either wait about 10 days for a gear service (£14.99), or replace the gear cable myself, which probably would be the problem (£1.99). 
The old gear cable has had one of the strands lose in parts of the cable. However the change of the cable hasn’t made the noise go away. So it seems that the gear unit will need to be opened for an half yearly service. I also need to get a new chain and front cogs for it too some time soon. 🙁 
At least I did manage to do some more mapping for, so it wasn’t a completely wasted journey.