Buses in Edinburgh

The dispute with Lothian Buses drivers is now over. Great, I’ll get the refund for the inconvenience of buses not turning up. I have noticed that they are trying to bull-doze through the trams, when there are far too many buses runing in the place that the trams are due to run.

Lothian Buses Drivers take Strike action

I have just noticed on Lothian Buses website: http://www.lothianbuses.co.uk/news/serviceChanges.asp that they will be running a Saturday service from 19 July 2005. It’s a real shame for those who live out in the sticks.

Petition Update

I submitted the petition to get the Lothian Buses 18 increased in freaquency, Hours increased and an extension to Fort Kinnaird to the South Local Development Committee a week ago.

Petition update

Last count over 800 signatures. Safeway at Hunter’s Tryst have accepted the petition, hopefully I’ll get a good few more signatures. Last night on the way to the Gyle I came accross yet another person who didn’t know the 18 wasn’t going the full route at 7pm.