Cycling: Edinburgh to North Berwick

Last Night I took a cycle out to Prestonpans. I then took the train to North Berwick for £2.50, and cycled all the way back to Edinburgh. 

I was originally going to cycle to North Berwick, though unfortunately I had a head wind, which would have meant I would have missed the last train from North Berwick towards Edinburgh. The route that I changed to was also cheaper, because if I had gone all the way to North Berwick to take the train back, I would have taken the train all the way back to Edinburgh. That would have cost nearly twice as much.
I have also got the North Berwick branch line and the coast road into Edinburgh mapped on to The signal of the GPS on the train wasn’t perfect the whole way

Edinburgh -> Presontpans (16 miles about 1 hour 20 minutes)
North Berwick -> Edinburgh (30 miles about 2 and a half hours)

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