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Had enough of Lycos

I’ve had enough of Lycos, so I’m moving away from them. Their mail is so slow with irritating pop-up ads. The web space is OK, but produces bad HTML and irritating pop-ups. I’m migrating this blog over to the google space too.

Google Base

There seem to be a number of places going on about Google’s Base webapp that is meant to be available at I only seem to get as far as the login, then another screen asking to confirm password. I don’t know what is going on.

Mind you it is probably still in Beta, just like many of the other things at Google, so they will be just preventing people from accessing, just the same way that they prevent too many people from accessing Google Mail (or out with the UK GMail).

Yahoo Mail

Unfortunately the new Yahoo Mail service that makes webmail feel like your at you desktop is only available to those who have a address. See Yahoo’s Beta Signup page.

It’s a real shame I only have a address, I was looking forward to trying it out.


I wonder what is happening, I’m starting to get some. Strange, but annoying. You really need to watch out for phishing, i.e. e-mails claiming to be from somewhere, when they are not. I have found a few from eBay and PayPal claiming strange activity on an account apparently belongs to me.