X11 Fixed

Further to my prevous blog, I managed to fix X11 to it’s former glory by removing the X11 user receipt and installing it again. I then used Pacifist to install the update from 10.4.3.

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Dictionary Definition for any word

I’ve finally found out how to get the dictionary definition for any word on the page. You use the keyboard short cut control+cmd+D. Thanks to this page http://www.macosxhints.com/pollbooth.php

X11 Forwarding on Mac OS X Client

For those of you who might be wondering how to enable X11 forwarding, like I was. A quick Google search came up with a couple of Developer articles.

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Automator PDF workflows

WARNING: If you are using a PDF Workflow from the Print sheet, then you may have a problem with permissions with the generated PDF. Essentially, your web server won’t see it as world and group permissions are set to nothing.

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Spotlight behind dashboard

That’s weird, after activating dashboard, press cmd+space for spotlight. You can search away and open results, behind dashboard.

Tiger’s Safari and PDFs

When Tiger’s Safari is loading a PDF why doesn’t it show up the first few pages, while still downloading the rest of the document?

Tiger: PSyncX: Fix

If you had PSyncX installed prior to installing Tiger and you did anything other than a clean install then you will need to re-install PSyncX. Thereafter it will work perfectly again!

Mac OS X Tiger: Spotlight: Man Importer

There is actually a useful Spotlight plugin on Apple’s Spotlight page! Unfortunately Spotlight won’t index hidden folders or files, which means that you need a copy of the man pages elsewhere, what a waste of space, but never mind.