The M$ paperclip in real life

Most people who have used the Office suite from Microsoft will have probably come across the irritating paper clip. Well someone has taken the paper clip into real life. Take a look at the clip.

Apple posts an FAQ about the X11 for Mac OS X

Apple have released Technical Note TN2165, an FAQ about the X window environment (X11) for Mac OS X. There are several interesting things in the tech note including: “OpenGL does not support off-screen rendering.” Even with OpenGL not being enabled in, I get redraw issues with part of the window being off screen. This… Continue reading Apple posts an FAQ about the X11 for Mac OS X

New Mac PPC Buildbot

There are now 3 Mac buildbots available for testing builds of The latest addition is by audionuma (or in real life known as Manuel Naudin) from Paris, France, who has donated the processor time of his PPC Mac. He gave a short introduction about himself at yesterday’s Mac Port Meeting. His bot has the… Continue reading New Mac PPC Buildbot