Security hijack

My dad had a very strange malware/ trojan that kept claiming he had various viruses etc. on his PC. We found that Gave perfect instructions to get rid of it. Strangely the search for “thesecuritypage” on google came up with only one result, the above page! thesecuritypage was the page that the malware was… Continue reading Security hijack

Very interesting article about blog post frequency

I have to agree with this ( post about blog frequency. It is quality that is important, not quantity. I do think there is some importance in posting every so often, otherwise some people will think that you have gone away. Post too often and the reader becomes overwhelmed in some junk, or as described… Continue reading Very interesting article about blog post frequency

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web quotes in Safari UK

It’s nice to see some more features filtering through to the localisedversions of Google Mail! Today I noticed web quotes at the top of themail browser. 🙂

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New version of quinn available for 10.4.2 and later only

See appears to be a new version that is only compatible with Mac OSX 10.4.2 and later. It would appear more and more software releasesthese days are becoming Tiger required. Of course that isn’t a problemfor me.

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Google Spreadsheet doesn’t support OpenDocument

It would appear that Google spreadsheet beta doesn’t support the OpenDocument format for spreadsheets. It kinda surprises me with some of the things that have been going on in the corporate world. See more about Google spreadsheet at