Monthly Archives: October 2005

Google Base

There seem to be a number of places going on about Google’s Base webapp that is meant to be available at I only seem to get as far as the login, then another screen asking to confirm password. I don’t know what is going on.

Mind you it is probably still in Beta, just like many of the other things at Google, so they will be just preventing people from accessing, just the same way that they prevent too many people from accessing Google Mail (or out with the UK GMail).

Stop using the Lothian Buses 22

I’m fed up with the very high frequency of the Lothian Buses 22 and 26 in Edinburgh, especially when there are so many other routes that are so low frequency, such as the 15(A), 18, 32, etc.
Maybe if everyone were to stop using the 22 and 26 whenever possible and use alternatives instead, maybe the Lothian Buses management will take notice and redistribute their services. is 5 Today

Today, 13 October 2005 is OpenOffice’s fifth birthday today. The project has come a long way in the past five years, with the imminent release of version two, which is currently in release candidate stage.
I’m currently using Eric B’s latest build for Mac OS X, which is the best build I have seen so far!
Excellent Work keep it up team!

iMac G5 has no internal modem

I’ve just noticed on the Apple store that Apple now have a USB modem that is required for connecting to the internet. This is probably due to the fact that the majority of people connecting tot he net these days do so via broadband rather than dial-up.

Is Apple starting the beginning of the end for dial-up internet connections by phasing out modems in the iMac? This seems to be the same thing as the loss of the floppy disk drive from the iMacs when they came out in 1998.

iPod HD crash

I managed to crash the startup script on my iPod Photo, when trying to update it.

The syptoms constantly force restarting its self after starting to read from the HD.

I did eventually managed to sort it. How?
Put the iPod into disk mode (press and hold select and menu keys to reset, then when you see the apple logo immediately press and hold the select and play keys). You can then connect it to a computer and run a disk utility app over it.
Fingers cross the disk utility app will sort the problem out. If it does your fine, you can just eject the iPod, disconnect it and it will hopefully work. It did for me after a few runs of the repair disk in disk utility. Any comments let me know.

Edinburgh Trams

Why not use hybrid trolley buses as an interim measure, until there is enough money is available to fund the laying down of the tracks.

I would say that using hybrid trolley buses instead as it would be more flexible. They don’t always require electric to run, and they don’t need the expensive tracks.

The Museum of Transport in Glasgow has a trolley bus from the 60’s, so it might be an idea taking a look at it.