Buses back on George Street

It seems as though there is at last going to be some buses usingGeorge Street again, through the reversal of the Central EdinburghTraffic Management Scheme (CETM. See Lothian Buses web site.

Buses in Edinburgh

The dispute with Lothian Buses drivers is now over. Great, I’ll get the refund for the inconvenience of buses not turning up. I have noticed that they are trying to bull-doze through the trams, when there are far too many buses runing in the place that the trams are due to run.

Lothian Buses Drivers take Strike action

I have just noticed on Lothian Buses website: http://www.lothianbuses.co.uk/news/serviceChanges.asp that they will be running a Saturday service from 19 July 2005. It’s a real shame for those who live out in the sticks.