ooocon2007: Presentations

All the presentation slides for this years conference that have been submitted to have been made available on the conference web pages. There is still about 12 presentations where the slides still have not been submitted for. Frank Peters has made a list of the missing presentations.

Can all presenters please send them to the above e-mail address so that they can be uploaded? 
If you didn’t use any slides for your talk can you please also send a short message to the above e-mail address to say that. This will allow us to remove any links to non-existent presentations.


  1. I’m glad to announce Shaun McDonald is the new Mac OS X project Lead. – Eric

    This is a very important effort for our community and I just want to thank you for your leadership.

    Tampa, FL

  2. Congratulations on becoming the new lead for OOO on mac! I try to keep up with the recent development on the port, and I have been wondering how the port is coming along. Could the open office mac port team post the progress and updates on a blog every week or two? I am used to reading Eric B’s blog, where he used to post updates and interesting information related to the port. Thanks for the hard work, the mac community is so excited about this native port!!!

  3. I’m new to Macs including the new leopard. Any chance for tiger will work on the new leopard os? If so where can this be acquired?

    thank you,

  4. All recent versions of ooo will work on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Due to changes in Leopard’s X11, there is and error “Command timed out”, clicking “OK” actually starts So that error message can be ignored. The aqua version of runs fine on Leopard.

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