Xdarwin on Tiger for OpenOffice.org2.0

As you will see from the pictures you can run OpenOffice.org through XDarwin on Mac OS X Tiger. I would however recommend that you use Apples X11 instead as it is more up to date, is more reliable and has a nicer look and feel.

I am now left with the annoying X11 behaviour, even after reverting to my backup of the X11 files, so I take it that there is some hidden config file somewhere. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the Apple X11 behaviour (windowing environment) back soon as I miss it.

A few other notes though.

You need to install X11 through your Tiger DVD. Then, if your using a machine that came out with a version of Mac OS X before 10.4.3 run the 10.4.3 updater. There are numberous reports about the fact that 10.4.4 does not contain the update for X11.

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