Cycling: Edinburgh Critical Mass – St Andrews Day

On Friday I headed in to the centre of Edinburgh for November’s Critical Mass. Even before I set off from work in the west of the city, it was pitch black. So I had my lights and reflective jacket on.

About 17:45 a whole load of fireworks started from Edinburgh Castle to mark St Andrews Day. We had a great view point from the foot of the mount between the two National Galleries. There was a couple of points where the fireworks went off in a cross pattern, a bit like the cross on the Saltire (our national flag).

About 50 of us participated in this month’s ride. Map of the November Critical Mass ride.
Today I watched the River City omnibus. Friday’s episode¬†really emphasised the fact that in Scotland we really don’t celebrate Saint Andrews Day. In fact we usually forget that Saint Andrews Day even exists. Over the other side of the pond, Tartan Day is celebrated (at a different time of year), far more than what we do. Are we Scots no use a celebrating? Or are we just too busy working to bother with celbrations?

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