I have just come accross this remote for Mac OS X, very useful, though the mouse movement is very poor.

Petition update

Last count over 800 signatures.

Safeway at Hunter’s Tryst have accepted the petition, hopefully I’ll get a good few more signatures.

Last night on the way to the Gyle I came accross yet another person who didn’t know the 18 wasn’t going the full route at 7pm.


I’ve managed to install Subversion. Not yet managed to get it fully up and running yet though, as I can’t find the libraries for Apache 2.

Petition update

I’ve done a bit of counting over the weekend. I have now collected over 640 signatures, with the help of various people/companies.

I have a funny feeling that we’ll be able to convince Lothian Buses at some point.

Yet more people fed up with the 18

Yet again this morning I came accross a few more folk who are fed up with the 18.

On of whom just doen’t understand where Lothian Buses gets their figures from, as every Sunday on her way to work, the 18 was full, of others going to work. Her travelling time has trebled now, that she can’t take just noe direct bus.