Ipswich Park Byelaw change consultation

Chantry park

Ipswich Borough Council are consulting on the current by-law changes to bring them up to date having not been changed for a few decades. They have a short consultation with 3 questions, here’s my answers to the questions.

1. Do you agree with the proposed new byelaws?

My answer: No

2. Are there any additional byelaws you would like to see included?

Please note that the MHCLG will not accept new byelaws without clear evidence to indicate an activity has been occurring over time and that it has a detrimental impact on the park and its users.

My answer: Cycling to be allowed in parks. There really needs to be a lot more safe space for people to learn to cycle. Parks would be ideal for this. There should be some way to allow more considerate cycling in parks rather than the current blanket ban, with a few exceptions.

3. Is there anything else you would like us to consider?

My answer: There should be playgrounds that are specifically designed for kids to use wheeled toys to learn how to travel and ride bikes. They could be used for Bikeability training. These exist in other places, so why not here in Ipswich too?

All of the playgrounds in Ipswich have “No wheels” or similar as the rules by the gate.

Playground sign including rules, one of which is “No Wheels”.

I would recommend responding in a similar way, best not to copy and paste, as lots of answers the same tend to be ignored. The consultation closes 11:59pm on Monday 13 September 2021.

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