Day Trip to Calais

On Saturday I took a random day trip to Calais on the train and ferry. It’s been eleven years since I last travelled on the Dover to Calais ferries. This time I was on foot instead of being in a car. I learnt quite a few things that I should do differently the next time.… Continue reading Day Trip to Calais

Last of the London Mapping Marathon Tomorrow

Tomorrow, will be the final installment of the Summer 2008 London Mapping Marathon. We will be moving to the Fortnightly Winter 2008-9 Random Pub Meetup. Each week will be a different pub in a potentially unmapped area, for those hard core mappers out there. I’m looking for suggestions on where we could go. On the… Continue reading Last of the London Mapping Marathon Tomorrow

Back to the Start

The main aim of the next 3 mapping parties will be to enter points of interest, fix fixmes, and verify that the current data is correct, near to where OpenStreetMap originally started 4 years ago. Tomorrow is the 18th Mapping party of the London Mapping Marathon. It will be held around Euston Station, meeting up… Continue reading Back to the Start