Cycling from Sighthill to Linlithgow

Yesterday I took a cycle along the union canal. I set out, without deciding exactly where I would turn back. The sun had already set, so it pretty dark going along most of the canal.
It’s starting to get colder as the puddles on the tow path were starting to freeze in a few places.
By the time I was 6 miles away from Linlithgow, my bike light was become rather dull, with the warning light on. As I wouldn’t have enough light to get all the way back home from there, I decided to take the train from Linlithgow to Edinburgh Park station for £3.30. At Edinburgh Park I was the only one to get off the train. It was only about 5 minutes from there home.
Acording to Google Earth, I cycled about 19 miles in around 2 hours.


  1. Is this the best cycle route on the way to Stirling from Edinburgh or is there a national cycle route that would be faster (ie. more direct)?
    Cheers, I’m thoroughly enjoying your cycling logs

  2. The National Cycle Network Route 76 (Round the Forth) would be a more direct route for part of it.

    The NCR N76 (South of the Forth) does go along the Union Canal for a short section. At this point you may want to stay on the canal into Edinburgh, if you don’t want to go via South Queensferry.

    It’s great that you enjoy reading about my cycling.
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