Mac buildbot setup

I now have a working buildbot that takes about 8 hours to do a full compile. Of course I forgot to check the option to upload the install set to the build master, so here I go and run the build again. Hopefully future compiles will take less time since I have installed ccache prior to this build. For those that are interested in file space, the whole buildbot and ooo sources take up just under 8GB.

The instruction given in the wiki a great as they pretty much work, as long as the build master has proper cross-platform code. Which was a bit of an issue for me sometimes, but was easily fixed over e-mail and IRC. (Thanks mikeleib and cloph). The main problem was finding a form of find that would work. In fact we ended up using find and piping the output to some other commands, which will hopefully work.

I have spoke to a few folk about the buildbot, and some of them were surprised that I was able to keep a steady internet connection for 9 hours on the trot, especially when part of it is wireless. The joys of cable and Apple’s wifi products.

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