Upcoming Tulse Hill, London Mapping Party

Tomorrow (20th Aug) evening, I will be running a mapping party in Tulse Hill, South London. The meetup is in a pub called “The Railway”.

Next week Thomas Wood will be organising a mapping party in Croydon, which has some fast trains into Central London.

Thereafter there will be some mapping parties in Central London. I’ve noticed that many streets are not showing up on the no-names map, due to people tagging them name=FIXME. It would also be nice to get some more points of interest in Central London to make the data richer.


  1. On previous discussion with Andy Allan, he thinks it’s a bad idea to highlight name=FIXME or name=%FIXME% as there are a few roads in the world that contain fixme as part of the name. Mind you, if the style sheet is case sensitive, and any real street is in title case, and the FIXME whatever named streets all have the FIXME part in capitals, it would work.

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