EHIC scams

It would appear that there are a few people who are running some scams to try and make money out of people trying to get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Please be aware that this card is free to apply for.

To apply for the card you should go to the official site at which has the option of doing an online application. It also gives you the correct information.

Examples of some scam sites are:

  • Charge you £15 to put the information into their database, and then they just transfer the information into the Department of Health’s department of Health’s database by entering the information into the form for you. Errm wait a minute you just filled in a form and paid £15 for someone to enter the information that you entered into another form.
  • Give you a 090 number which costs £1.50/minute instead of a national rate number that the department of Health setup specifically for the EHIC. The call just gets routed through to the national rate number that you call.
  • Give false and inaccurate information about the EHIC.

Before anyone asks, I haven’t been caught out by any of these scam, though have noticed them. The department of Health already knew about them and is in the process of taking action against the site owners.

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