OOoCon2006 and Apple Expo

It was quite some trip to France, considering my rather minimal French knowledge. I survived even with the communication barrier. I also found it quite a tiresome journey too, especially with getting very little sleep on the coach overnight from Edinburgh to London. I sorted it out for the return by taking a fleece on… Continue reading OOoCon2006 and Apple Expo

Updated OpenOffice Mac Download Pages

Ahead of the conference, I have just released the new download pages for (X11) on the Mac. They are now much simpler than before. The download is now available at The old download pages (except the legacy download for 1.1.2) redirect to the new pages. Part of this is the fact that… Continue reading Updated OpenOffice Mac Download Pages

The all new Google News Archive Search

The new Google Archive Search is a great tool, with even more potential. The timeline feature is really neat, though could be more customisable. For example being able to show more articles on one page. Here’s and example search for all articles related to Mac OpenOffice in timeline form.