Sourceforge Updated

Sourceforge has a newly updated interface. It looks a lot cleaner and easier to user. At the moment it seems a little slow at times. Letterdoc project

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Today, 13 October 2005 is OpenOffice’s fifth birthday today. The project has come a long way in the past five years, with the imminent release of version two, which is currently in release candidate stage. I’m currently using Eric B’s latest build for Mac OS X, which is the best build I have seen so… Continue reading is 5 Today

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OpenOffice 1.9.107 Mac OS X

I have installed eric b’s latest build of OpenOffice. Seems to be working better. Not done any great testing in it.

New Nvu Update

It seems as though Nvu have been busy. They seem to be nearing a 1.0 release. Nvu is an open-source project, built on Mozilla.


I have just come accross this remote for Mac OS X, very useful, though the mouse movement is very poor.

More than a Calculator

I have just found this fantasic peice of software. You can use it as a simple graphic calulator, it’s the first I have seen for Mac OS X.