London WordPress Meetup – 28th July 2011

On Thursday there was the July 2011 London WordPress meetup in the Headshift | Dachis Group offices. I recorded the presentations and have uploaded them to YouTube: Ice-breakers & Introductions Introduction to WordPress by Emily Webber Beginner Theme Development by Keith Devon Looking Under the Hood of WordPress by Chris Adams If you’d like to come… Continue reading London WordPress Meetup – 28th July 2011

Bulk loading data into OpenStreetMap

Some of you who were at WhereCampUK, Nottingham in November 2010, may recognise the discussion in this blog post as it is based on my talk there. Since the early days of OpenStreetMap, people have been bulk importing data into the database. There have been various issues with many of the previous import methods, which… Continue reading Bulk loading data into OpenStreetMap

GLLUG Mapping Party

Yesterday I presented to the Greater London Linux User Group (GLLUG) how to edit the OpenStreetMap data, with a short field trip. Apart from running a little late, I think it went fairly well with some good participation from the audience. Things I’d do better the next time include: preparing the slides more, particularly the… Continue reading GLLUG Mapping Party